Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, November 19, 2020

New listings this week:

1) Support Survivors: December 6th Memorial Service for Victims of Violence (online video)
2) Resources for Teachers – 2020-2021 Purple Ribbon Campaign
3) Feminist Pride T-Shirts Available to Order from Iconic Arts PEI
4) Conversation Corner – Gender-Based Violence and the Workplace
5) COVID-19 Workforce Integration Fund
6) REMINDER: Fund for Gender Equality
7) Victorian Christmas Market
8) PEIBWA Activities/News
9) Women of Courage: Women, Peace and Security South-South Gathering virtual public event
10) PEI Status of Women Teleworking Re: COVID-19 Response
PLEASE NOTE: Events listed above may get postponed or possibly cancelled. Please always check with the events directly for updated information. Thank you.

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