In addition to the 5 podcasts, and in keeping with the commitment to participation, the public is invited to participate by submitting a short video clip recognizing the IWD theme “Choose to Challenge.” Send us a recording of yourself and/or a few of your peeps (maximum 30 seconds), and we’ll stitch your message into a collective video banner for PEI. Cell phone quality, casual videos are welcome.

UPDATE: It is best to send your IWD video clips to us via Facebook messenger, as an MP4 sound file, by end of day Thursday, March 4th.

Otherwise, please submit your video to [email protected]

“Choosing to Challenge” is especially relevant when we reflect back on this year of challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the inequalities that the pandemic and our responses to it have exposed. Many of the most glaring challenges worldwide have the greatest impact on women, girls and gender diverse people. We continue to challenge for the rights to safety, choice, participation in decision-making, and access to substantive equality for everyone, everywhere.

All of the podcast recordings will be made available on March 8th, International Women’s Day – the day we join women and gender diverse people worldwide in calling for global gender equity! They can be accessed through the PEI Status of Women Facebook page: or wherever you get your podcasts.

Sample videos: