Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, March 14, 2024


New listings this week:

1) Migrants Justice Advocates in Charlottetown Announce Migrant Spring Alongside Groups Across Canada
2) Emerging Theory and Practices of Engaging Youth Authentically
3) Free tax-help clinics offered to Islanders
4) Mandated Reporters Navigating Child Safety and Well-Being – Survey
5) Launch of New Website – Women and Gender Diverse People’s Health Hub!
6) Gender Equality Bulletin: International Women’s Day Edition! | Bulletin Égalité des genres : édition Journée internationale des femmes!
7) Women’s Festival 2024 WNPEI 40th Anniversary Celebration
8) PEIBWA Events and Activities
9) Community Sector Network of PEI March E-Newsletter
10) News @ PEERS Spring Issue 2
11) Community Food Mentor Program
12) Triple P Parenting Starts Here
13) Prince Edward Island Seniors Guide
14) PEI Status of Women: Office Hours/ Condition féminine de l’Î.-P.-É : Heures d’ouverture

PLEASE NOTE: Events listed above may get postponed or possibly cancelled. Please always check with the events directly for updated information. Thank you.

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PLEASE NOTE: Some of the events listed below may be postponed or possibly cancelled. Please always check with events directly for updated information.

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