Read below for brief introductions to the latest three members that have been appointed to the Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

Soleil Hutchinson

Soleil has been actively participating as a member since late 2023, and we are so happy for her wisdom and insight and questions!

Soleil’s website biography (summarized):

Soleil Hutchinson, owner of Soleil’s Farm in South Melville, embodies a holistic approach to farming, intertwining environmental stewardship, community building, and sustainable food production. With a background in Environmental Studies and a drive to combat ecological despair, Soleil discovered her passion for organic farming during an apprenticeship in Portland, Oregon. This experience solidified her belief in the symbiotic relationship between food and community. Returning to PEI, she expanded her farm from a ¼ acre to 6 acres and began fostering deep connections with local chefs and forming a farmer collective that supplies both restaurants and residents through innovative Winter and Summer Food Baskets. Soleil’s vision emphasizes collaboration, accessibility, and a deep connection to the land and people. She imagines a thriving, interconnected community dedicated to sustainable living and mutual support. Soleil and her partner Lauren live in rural PEI.

Welcome Soleil!


Felicia Carey and Allie Cantwell, appointed in April are very capable, interesting, and experienced in differing ways. Both are very keen to contribute to improving the status of women in PEI.

Felicia Carey

In her words:

“Felicia is originally from the Bahamas, living and working now in Charlottetown. She has extensive experience in advocacy, particularly in developing services and programs to empower, serve, and raise awareness for marginalized youth and families. Her background in grassroots non-governmental organization creation and community engagement, combined with her personal experiences, enables her to identify policies perpetuating structural violence against underserved individuals.

Felicia arrived in Canada as an international student during the peak of the pandemic, and her dedication to advocacy has remained unwavering. Notably, she has served as a student representative on the Board of Governors at Holland College and continues to serve on various boards within the PEI community, focusing on Gender Equality and Health.

Felicia holds a Child and Youth Care Worker diploma and is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Sociology at the University of Prince Edward Island. She resides in Charlottetown with her two children and recently welcomed a new grandchild to her family.”

Welcome Felicia!


Allie Cantwell

In her words:

“Allie Cantwell is a registered Counselling-Therapist and owner of Connected Therapy, a private practice in Charlottetown. Allie holds an undergraduate degree with a double major in Psychology and Criminology from Saint Thomas University and a Master’s degree in Counselling from Acadia University. Her approach to therapy is holistic and client-centered, focusing on empowering clients to overcome personal and relational challenges and fostering resilience, self-awareness, and emotional well-being.

Allie is excited about her recent appointment to the Prince Edward Island Advisory Council on the Status of Women. In this role, she hopes to bring her expertise in mental health to support the Council’s mission of promoting gender equality and advocating for the rights and status of women in Prince Edward Island. Her participation in the Council highlights her commitment to social justice and community well-being.”

Welcome Allie!

L-R: Serena and Soleil pose for photo at a meeting in January.